Viper 3305v vs 5305v: Which low-price security system is for you?

Entry level LCD 2-Way Security System with Keyless Entry compared

Add-on security systems for automobiles allow owners to set alarms that sound sirens, when cars are jarred or bumped, when someone without a key tries to open the door, when the car is locked with the trunk or a door open, and under other circumstances. It’s a very handy feature.

Security systems are typically armed via remote-control devices, usually key-ring fobs. Most also offer keyless entry, which buttons on the remote control dedicated to locking and unlocking car doors.

Many new cars come with security systems built in, while others get security systems installed by dealers. Direct Electronics Inc.’s Viper top rated line of add-on safety systems is available for the rest.

The 3305V Quick Review

Viper LCD 2-Way Security System

Viper’s 3305v is a two-way security system with keyless entry. The system allows owners to monitor the condition of their cars on an LCD read-out screen, arm and disarm security features, and lock and unlocks car doors remotely with a button-press.

Viper refers to the 3305v as its most affordable two-way security system. “Two-way” means that in addition to controlling security settings, the 3305v reports vehicle status back to the operator via the display screen on the bilateral primary remote control. The system also includes a five-button secondary remote control.

Viper claims a 1,500-foot range for its remotes – adequate for most purposes, but not impressive compared to the one-mile range claimed for other Viper products. The keyless entry system unlocks doors, but it isn’t able to pop the trunk.


Owner's Manual

Warranty Info

Remote Features Video

The 5305V Quick Review

 Viper Entry Level LCD 2-Way Security and Remote Start System

Viper describes the 5305v as an “entry-level LCD two-way security and remote start system.” Like the 3305v, the system features an LCD on the first remote, quarter-mile signal range, and a keyless entry system. Like the 3305v, the 5305v comes with a secondary remote that lets a second user implement all of the system’s functions, but without the informative LCD display.

The main feature distinguishing the 5305v is that it has a remote start capability. This feature is very handy, when you park your car in a bad neighborhood, and the driver wishes to make a quick departure, or when you park it in cold weather, and the driver would like to get the interior warm before climbing in.

Like the 3305v, the 5305v has a backlit LCD that conveys relevant information to the user. The users can implement multiple levels of security, for instance, using on-screen prompts, when the screen confirms their every action.

Both the 3305v and the 5305v communicate remotely via Viper’s older ESP2 serial communications protocol. This technology includes security features, but it has been superseded in Viper’s high-end products with a superior encryption technology for added safety.

Owner's Manual

Making the Choice

Viper Model Number3305V5305V
Remote ConfirmationLCD ScreenLCD Screen
Remotes1 LCD 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way1 4-button LCD 2-Way and 1 4-button 1-Way
Range1,500 FeetUp to 1/4 Mile
Remote StartOptionalY
Keyless EntryYY
Trunk PopNY
SmartStart CompatibleYY
Domelight SupervisionNY
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock SensorYY
Neo Revenger 6-Tone SirenYY
Failsafe Starter KillYY
Anti-Carjacking (VRS)YN
Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP)YY
# of Auxiliary Channels24

The Viper 3305v is available for a little less than the 5305. It is hard to understand why anyone would choose the 3305v. The 5305v does everything the 3305v does, plus remote start.

You can get remote start with the 3305v, but that requires purchase and installation of a separate kit. As things stand, the 5305v is clearly the superior value. See the pricing on Amazon.


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