Viper 5706v VS 5806v – Which remote start system is for you?

2 remote start alarm systems compared

Remote car starters and security systems have exploded in popularity in recent years. And why not? Remote start adds to security and comfort, especially in bad weather, when heat or cold make the cabin of your parked car uncomfortable. Add a lock/unlock button to the fob on the key ring; and you’ll enjoy a new level of safety, no matter where you parked or how late you’re entering your car.

Many new cars come equipped with remote starters and security systems as standard features or dealer-installed options. For the rest of us, there’s Viper. Created by Directed Electronics of Vista, California, the Viper brand is a family of security and remote start systems for automobiles.

The 5706v Quick Review

Viper LCD 2-Way Security + Remote Start System

Viper’s 5706v is a combination remote start and protection system. Based on Viper’s Responder SST technology, the 5706v offers one-mile range for starting and monitoring functions.

5706v operations are based on Viper’s proprietary SuperCode technology, which defines what the remotes do, enables superior features, and encrypts communications with the vehicle for advanced safety and security. SuperCode has built-in support for multiple vehicles as a standard feature, so users have access to all 5706v features on two cars, both controlled by a single remote.

The main feature distinguishing the 5706v is its primary remote control, the Responder LC3. This remote features an LCD screen that displays status messages from the car. For example, if you’ve started the car to warm it up on a snowy day, the LCD will show the automobile's internal temperature, so you won’t face any surprises when you enter the vehicle. This is a 2 way remote, the secondary remote is a 1 way remote (see what the difference between 1 and 2 way remotes)

Car Alarm System Features

The 5706v’s security features include an in-car siren and both auditory and visual notifications on the Responder LC3 display. Triggered messages tell the user just what kind of security alert they would receive. For example, shock sensors indicate that your parked car may have been bumped by another vehicle, while a more severe alarm might mean that someone without a key has tried to open the doors.

The 5706v also includes a five-button secondary remote. This remote requires a screen.


Owner's Manual


The 5806v Quick Review

Viper LED 2-Way Security + Remote Start System

Viper’s 5806v is functionally identical to the 5706v in most ways, but it lacks the Responder LC3 remote. Instead, the 5806v provides a Responder LE remote for the primary user. The remote uses LED status lights to communicate with the driver. Viper says a one-hour charge powers the remote for up to six months.

Like the 5706v, the 5806v claims a communication range of one mile. The 5806v incorporates the same SmartCode software system for flexible functionality, encrypted communications, and multiple-car support. The 5806v includes the same five-button secondary remote control as the 5706v.

Making the Choice

ProductViper 5806vViper 5706v
Remote Picture2-way-security-system-key-fob
TypeRemote Start Security SystemRemote Start Security System
Remote ConfirmationLED ScreenLCD Screen
Remotes1 Responder LC3 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way1 Responder LC3 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
RangeUp to 1 MileUp to 1 Mile
Remote StartYesYes
Keyless EntryYesYes
Trunk PopYesYes
SmartStart CompatibleYesYes
Domelight SupervisionYesYes
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock SensorYesYes
Neo Revenger 6-Tone SirenYesYes
Failsafe Starter KillYesYes
Anti-Carjacking (VRS)NN
Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP)YesYes
# of Auxiliary Channels44

The 5706v sells for more than the 5806v. The two systems implement the same security and remote start features.

The distinguishing feature between the two products is the 5706v’s LCD screen, which provides undeniably useful information that you could never get with the 5806v.

For example, setting various silent alarm options is a straightforward process with the 5706v. The LCD indicates graphically when the trunk or a door's open. The screen lets the user distinguish between different kinds of alerts, if the car is approached or bumped, when the security system is armed.

Both the 5706v (see pricing on Amazon) and the 5806v (see pricing on Amazon) are good values; and they perform mostly the same functions. You should choose the 5706v if you judge it worthwhile to get more information about your vehicle’s status on the LCD screen.


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