AutoPage C3-RS730LCD Alarm and Remote Starter

Product Name:C3-RS730
AutoPage C3-RS730LCD Alarm and Remote Starter
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In the list below I’ve included some of the key facts and figures of the Autopage remote starter system. This will make it easier for you to compare it to other brands and products.

  • 4 Channel Security Alarm and Remote Car Starter with 5 on-board relays for parking lights, starter, accessories, ignition 1&2
  • And one additional relay / socket for starter disable.
  • New High-Tech chrome metal finish with smart-looking leather strap for the key ring.
  • New LCD screen with 50% more viewing space includes new 7-color selectable backlighting.
  • Two-way paging transceiver with 7-color LCD screen uses AM frequency bands for transmitting and receiving at 433.9 megahertz.
  • New Design Two-way, window mount super extended range helical transceiver antenna module and new EMS-1 mini-size Dual Stage shock sensor


Some of the features C3-RS730 has to offer are:

  • Alarm With Remote Car Starter 4 Channel 5 Button Chrome LCD .
  • 2-way, 4-Channel Vehicle Security System / Car Alarm and Remote Car Starter
  • On-board 2 way Serial Port for i-Data Link Data Bus and Bypass module integration
  • C3 compatible data port for C3 Telematics integration
  • Programmable outputs, plus new starter and ignition timing sequence for improved compatibility with new 2007-2010 new vehicles
  • On-board temperature sensor for identifying in cabin temperature from the LCD remote5-button configuration with selectable “Button Lock” to prevent accidental misuse
  • XT-74LCD 2-Way remote uses one AAA type 1.5volt alkaline battery with battery life indicator and power save modeXT33
  • 1-Way sidekick remote uses 2 lithium ion batteries for extended life
  • Two-car Operational24-hour digital clock with count down timer for parking meter reminder. The clock doubles as a temperature indicator for monitoring in-car temperature
  • Multiple audible confirmation tones as well as vibrator mode for paging

Featured review

Generally, the RS730 receives a lot of good reviews.

In my opinion, the downside of this kit, compared to Viper 5706V is that the key fobs look and feel a bit cheaper (but the kit is also cheaper). Other than that, the instructions for installation are great — and overall I’d highly recommend this kit if you’re looking for a cheaper option than the viper one.

The review below is from a verified buyer at Amazon.

Excellent remote starter- so glad I bought it!!!! We don’t have a garage and with Canadian winters (as low as -30) this is a must!

I purchased two of them for my cars (2011 ford mustang manual trans, 2012 volkswagen golf automatic trans). The Remote works on both cars so if some of the reviewers say it doesnt work on manual transmission cars they are wrong. I got a shop to install them ($300 labour each with idatalink brain). The range is excellent (I can sit in my cubicle and start my car from the parking lot across the street), the LCD is really good and the alarms are awesome (1 and 2 stage).

If someone smacks your car the 1 stage will go off and alert you on the LCD, if someone pops your hood/wheels/door etc. or slams your car the 2stage full alarm will go off like crazy. Very useful when your in shopping lots/high traffic and worried about dings on your car! The only real con from the remote is the battery life, I have to replace 1 AAA battery about every other month- more of an annoyance then anything. I guess you could buy rechargeable batteries but I just get mine in bulk so dont have to worry about it. Also, you cant have your heated seats automatically on which would be cool if you can have your heated seats turn on at the same time but there would have to be a lot of extra wiring/customizing involved so probably not worth the expense (if it’s even possible)

For Manual Trans:

For the manuals they also have to install a door locking pin so that if I door is open the remote starter won’t enable. It is slightly more cumbersome for manual trans. as you have to “set” the remote start every time (make sure gear is in neutral, tap brake, pull e-brake, press * function on remote and walk away and lock). However, this seems to be normal for all manual trans. to ensure you aren’t in gear/the car doesn’t move by accident. If you open the door after the remote start process has been engaged you have to repeat the entire process. Again, a little cumbersome but I can understand from a safety perspective.

For Auto:

Very easy, no “engaging” required, just start the car normally whenever you want. One minor gripe with the auto is if you hit the unlock button on the remote you still have to hit the unlock on the dealer keyfob to open all doors. Not sure if this is specific to VW but I don’t have to do it on my manual mustang.

All in all, I’m very glad I took a chance and bought this unit because the installer wanted $500 for a unit with similar functions that this one performs, so I saved almost a thousand dollars for two cars by sticking to this remote starter! Continue reading

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