Viper 4204V 2-Way 2,000-Feet Remote Car Start System

Product Name:4204V
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Quick product info

  • Viper 4204V 2-Way Remote Start System:
  • Key Ring Remote Fob With Up To 2,000-Foot Range;
  • Remote Start; Soft-Touch Surface And Simple Universal Icons; Remote Vehicle Tempcheck Using Ghost Lights

Common questions

How difficult is it to install? Is there a lot of wire cutting & splicing? Or is it pretty much plug & play? Are the instructions clear enough?

It’s not plug and play, but I managed to install it myself. Others are saying:

Absolutely NOT plug and play. I recommend having an experienced technician do the installation. $125 for my son’s 2012 Avalon and well worth it. The tech did a great job of hiding all the wires, putting all pieces back perfectly, and obtaining extra parts needed due to the Avalon’s keyless entry system, etc

Does this work on the 2015 Toyota Highlander (or any other car)?

Yes, it’s universal.

A video demonstration of the kit

Featured reviews

Best I have ever had.

I had this professionally installed and I do very much enjoy it so far. The range is unbelievable even though I believe its a 1/2 mile unit, i have started my vehicle from farther away than that. The start time from when the car receives the signal is the fastest i have ever seen from any remote start that I have had installed before. From the time it receives the signal its less than 5 seconds to the car being running. I have installed on an 02 Tahoe and it works WITH my factory alarm. My biggest and really only gripe with this unit is I was about 99% sure the installer told me I was getting TWO 2-way remotes. NO. You get ONE 2-way Remote and ONE 1-way remote. so if you want TWO 2-way remotes you have to shell out another 50ish dollars depending on where you would buy it from. If you don’t know the difference, the 2-way remote has lights on it that will flash and will chirp when it receives the signal BACK from the vehicle indicating that it just executed whatever you told it to do. Whereas a 1-way remote sends the signal but you have no confirmation (without line-of-sight on the vehicle). This is the whole reason I spent extra money on a 2-way system as I do not have Line-of-Sight on my vehicle at my home or at work so I HAVE to have the confirmation on the remote. Other than that, I have owned 4 vehicles with remote starts, all different brands and types, and as far as responsiveness and over happiness, I would say that the VIPER blows them all away. (read more)

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