Viper 5706V 2-way Security System With Remote Start

Product Name:5706v
Viper 5706V 2-way Security System With Remote Start
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This is Viper’s best seller, and I personally think this is one of the best systems out there. If you buy it online, you can get it at about 30% of the price most retailers will charge — so I highly recommend to use the button below to find the best offers at any time.

Overview of features

  • 5706V – Viper Responder 2-Way Security with Remote Start System
  • 5-button sidekick remote control transmitter
  • 1 mile range
  • 4-Channel vehicle security system
  • Valet mode

Common questions

What is the difference between the 5706v and the 5704v?

The 5706v uses a newer antenna style, and also the remote is thinner, and has micro, instead of mini usb charging.

will this fit x car?

Yes, it’s a universal product — so you will be able to install it on any car.

Can I use this only as a Security System, without the remote starter? I need just the basic function without tampering the car system. Thank you!

Yes, that’s no problem. Some people with a manual transmission, decide not to do the remote start for instance.

Does this system have trunk release as well??

Yes these feature is available. You should also have factory trunk release feature , if not additional parts will be required.

Video demonstration of the system

Featured reviews

The Viper 5706V is DEI’s latest flagship Viper unit. Overall I’m very pleased with the units. I’ve installed one in both my Wife’s Venza, and my own Prius C.

Pros of the new unit:
The remote, despite DEI’s own advertising info, has a new MICRO-USB (NOT MINI!) charging port
The new remote seems more rugged, and is thinner, BUT wider than the old remotes

I can’t believe that its 2013 and we still only have the bitwriter as a programming option (hello USB to PC!)

The antenna is VERY easy to break. I pre-ran my antenna wire to the mirror, and after the install using about 4″ of slack I bent it to a 90 degree angle to install it on the back of the rear-view. However, once I did that the unit stopped working. After some troubleshooting I found that the harness backed out and bent many pins. I had to take the unit apart, and spend a lot of time with the tiniest tool I could find to carefully bend them back. Afterwards it worked ok – but then I settled for installing the antenna at a 45 degree angle instead of parallel with the mirror.

I also fell like the antenna control center looks/feels cheap this time. The last few revisions weren’t so bad but this latest just feels like one of the competitors cheap imitations.

Charge the remote before install – both showed 2 or 3 bars, but after locking just once during testing they went into low battery mode. A full charge fixed them up, but on the first install I trusted the remote reading and had to wait for the battery to charge to to finish programming.

I highly suggest a good hour+ on the bench removing the wires you won’t use, combining the ones that need to be and grouping wires into bundles that are headed the same place. I like to cover the bundles in tape so that they look oem. If you can get a bypass unit that has D2D it will save you a ton of wiring, in both cases here I used Fortin modules as they support D2D. The Fortin module was the only that allowed takeover on my wife’s push to start Venza, and the only module period for the Prius C so far.

Overall pleased with the fit and finish of the product with exception of the antenna control unit. The range on these units is legendary and Viper/DEI makes the best security and remote start products on the market. With some more tweaks on the antenna unit to make it look and feel premium as well as a better/safer antenna connection this will easily continue their reign of domination in the security/RS space. (read more)

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