Viper Smart Start System VSS4000

Product Name:VSS4000
Viper Smart Start System VSS4000
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  • Warm or cool your car
  • Lock and unlock your car
  • Controll Multiple Cars
  • Personalize Settings
  • Start your car from virtually any where with your iphone

Product Description

You can remote start or lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your iPhone, Android or iPod Touch; using the exciting new Viper SmartStart app from Directed Electronics, the leader in vehicle security and remote start. The simple graphical interface gives you control over the following features of your installed Viper remote start or security/remote start system:Lock/arm, Unlock/disarm, Remote car starter, Trunk release, Panic or car finder. More info

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Featured reviews

Viper has released a new version of the software which now sends a confirmation back to you if your vehicle has received the command. This is night and day difference as compared to the old software. I would not hesitate to recommend thie Viper SmartStart system to anyone and am changing my review to 4 stars. (Minus 1 star for cost). (From verified buyer at Amazon)

Awesome remote start system. no alarm available on this model. installing was difficult because it came with no wiring instructions but was able to figure out after many hours. recommend getting professionally installed. other then the wiring problems the system is great and wicked good price. (source)

I thought long and hard about buying a SmartStart unit. I found way too many negative reviews online. I decided to go for a regular remote car starter after reading all the poor reviews. Then, after 2 days of having to walk across my work building to start my vehicle, I thought screw it, I’ll see if I can swap it out for the SmartStart after all. I live in Canada and had it installed at Future Shop. I had problems originally with the install, but I don’t think the installer quite knew what he was doing. After taking the vehicle in 3 times at first, it hasn’t failed since. I’ve had the SmartStart for 6 months now and it’s worked EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love it! I’m sure I just jinxed myself by writing this review. Note: Vehicle must be located within ROGERS’ network coverage in Canada, and AT&T in the US. Phone just needs any internet connection. I also paid an extra 60$ to have an antenna installed along with a keyfob. I did that in case I had problems. Haven’t needed it yet. I highly recommend the SmartStart

Recently updated with SmartStart 3.0 and am very impressed with all the new features. With the new update I know exactly where my car is and whether it is locked, unlocked, running, what speed, and much more.

I also noticed that the app has been working faster, maybe due to viper’s update on power usage? Not sure, but I am very pleased. I bought the Viper SmartStart several months ago and have seen much improvement with the update.

I am happy with this product and will recommend to anyone looking for these type of features to add to their car!

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