Viper Remote Car Starter Kits — Which one is the best?

Viper is one of the most well-known manufacturers of remote car starter kits. I have had these kits installed in several of my cars, and I’ve also recommended them to friends who have had them installed. So far I have only good things to say about Viper — both the quality of the kits, and the customer service, is great!

If you are in the market for one of these kits, you’ll notice that they come in all shapes and prices. In this article, we’ll take a look at the various kits.

The best kits from Viper

Viper 5706V 2-way Security System w/Remote

“Fancy starter for a Fancy car” as the subject line reads. One of my readers, Michael, sent me this review after buying a Viper 5706 kit from here (click the link).

Let’s face it, I’m not gonna trust just anything to my Viper. And since I got this recently too I’m not about to trust myself or any other small-time mechanic to the job of installing it. I hit up the internet looking for Viper Car Starters directly and came across the Viper 2-way security system with remote, and since I got it I haven’t really been upset about it. Looks just as nice, and even matches my car, haha!

The key to it is that it can act as my key already!

Viper 5706v kit installation

Remote starting and key-less entry

When I bought my car it didn’t come with a keyless starter, but I also got it at a discounted rate, not going into that. It was financed, I was happy, everything was right as rain. But that still left me without a keyless entry for my car or a remote start! So I got this as a sort of jack of all trades, and it was exactly that. It has a one mile range dude! Even a valet mode which allows it to be operated within that range before it cuts off, so no valet punk can go driving off in my car like he’s the greatest thing ever (maybe I’ve watched too many bad movies?).

Charging and usability

Another added benefit is that you no longer have to worry about charging times, or worry about whether or not – when the thing dies – you’ll need to open up and replace the battery. I mean call me old fashioned but the huge issue I’ve always taken with remote car starters and key fobs is that once the charge goes dead, I’m stuck holding the back. This is a line in Viper Car Starters, they should have a work-around for that kind of thing! Turns out they did, they do, and they are… not sure what the ‘are’ covers, but they got my vote. Just like I charge my cell phone, or any other appliance, a fancier starter for a car deserves the same amount of love, respect, and durability.

On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about charging it often. Even with the fancy screen and all the button commands, you still should keep an eye on it, but a single charge can last you at least three weeks or longer. However if you’re like me, you’ll just wind up charging it each time you get home.

Negative sides

About the only disadvantage I’ve found so far is that the screen can be easily scratched. They get so much right something is eventually gonna go snafu in my opinion. But I beat the system by putting a plastic sheath cover over the screen, the ones usually used for smart phones. Cut it, shape it, and go!

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Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System

“Simplicity where I need it”,  review by William N.

At this point you already have the car, and given that the car is fancy enough as it is, looking around the market for Viper Car Starters should be just as simple as wanting to drive it. A buddy of mine has a fancy ride himself, only his model is a 2012 model where as I’m still in 2009, I like my car, sorry. But what he has in his ’12 is a newer system that works like an app from his phone, and he often confesses that it’s the worst bit of money he ever spent; he should have just quit while he was behind and turned the stuff in – warranty and all – and just keep what he had. He wanted the app because while he had the remote starter, he needed luxury.

The main benefit

Honestly? I live in sunny Florida and I don’t have a need for anything but a working AC, if that. So my car starter – one touch and I’m ready to go, and when I got the simple Viper Remote Start System I was far from dissatisfied… not even in the same category too. What makes this product versatile is it works with so many vehicle types you actually feel like you almost have a Viper yourself, only I drive a Chevy so we can scratch that off, ha!

Installation and getting it to work

Just be sure to read the destructions very carefully (instructions I meant, was just trying to be funny) because it takes an extra bit of rigging on the mechanical side, and in order to get the panic mode to work on the car that also takes a little bit of special rigging, but that’s literally like the difference between nickels and quarters – take a bit of extra love and time out of your day and do the whole thing right.

I’ve read up that people have has issue in the past, or issues, and most of them came from faulty install jobs, but I honestly love what this product had to offer me – it didn’t do anything else beyond what it was programmed to do, I got the key fob for myself so I didn’t have to worry about that, and it’s just point and click, with a decent enough range that I can be inside my house, in my bedroom, not even facing a window and it still starts up the car.

100% security!

Naturally I look anyway because I think we all do, making sure the car starts up and all. It takes some getting used to, but one thing I don’t have to worry about is someone stealing my signal – I didn’t even know people could do that! But they are, because this thing also offers a clone safe-code to prevent people from patching in to my code, and auxiliary functions if I want to add something else to the functionality of my car. Like maybe have the windows roll down or something.

Technology these days is just wonderful, and it’s nice to have something that’s both simple to use and complex enough to make me feel like I’m driving a luxury car off the lot daily, even if the only thing new about my car is the seat covers.

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